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Title: Letter from the new MAMES President
Posted on: 07/14/2013

A letter from the new MAMES President……


July 12th, 2013




Dear DME’s


As the new president of MAMES I want to thank all of the members for all they have done and ask


them to help recruit new members to help us move forward. These are trying times for our industry



but MAMES is doing ever thing possible to help. On July 1st, 2013 Mississippi House Bill 2244 went




into effect and will makes all third party payments sales tax exempt in MS, please refer to the Bill for


details as MAMES cannot give an opinion or give out legal advice. Winning MS House Bill 2244 was a


major victory for Mississippi DME’s and has been a long battle that was won with persistence.


MAMES has and will continue to work with MS and Federal Legislators on Competitive Bidding and


other issues affecting our Mississippi DME companies. We are also working with the Mississippi


Board of Pharmacy to protect the DME’S that have a physical location in MS from out of state


competitors. We need as many members as possible to help continue the fight. It you are not



members please join MAMES today at, membership dues are due now.




Together, we can keep our industry strong, even during these hard and trying times. Please keep


calling your congressmen and senators to support Market Price Program HB1717, as well as Senate



bill 1265 and HB2375 that would delay bidding until December 31st 2013 so that licensure issues are




resolved in MS & TN for winning contract suppliers that do not have physical locations nor licensure


for the category in which they won bids on. If you need help finding your Congressman or your


Senator please go here and put in your home&

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