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Title: NFIB says to call MS Lawmakers TODAY
Posted on: 02/23/2009
Description: NFIB/Mississippi Action Alert

Lawmakers are about to vote on two bills that

would help your small businesses!

Help slash the inventory tax

The Inventory Tax Reduction Act bill in the Senate would help reduce your

inventory tax by 10 percent per year up to 50 percent, with state general funds

used to prevent any loss of revenue to local government. This is our first real

opportunity to reduce this unfair tax.

Senate Bill 3272 by Sen. Billy Hewes, an NFIB member from Gulfport, has been

assigned to the Senate Finance Committee and could be sent to the full Senate

as early as tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Contact your senators nowand tell them to vote "yes" on SB 3272, the

Inventory Tax Reduction Act. Call your legislators 601-359-3770, or send email


Eliminate the sales tax requirement on Medical Equipment Suppliers

House Bill 193 by Rep. Bobby Howell, an NFIB member from Kilmichael, could

eliminate the unfair requirement that medical equipment suppliers pay state

sales tax on the 20 percent of the sales that aren't covered by

Medicare/Medicaid. HB 193 is on the House Ways and Means Committee

agenda and could be taken up at any time. Senate Bill 3119 is a companion bill

in the Senate Finance Committee.

The deadline for original floor action on these bills is Wednesday, Feb. 25.

Contact your legislators immediately at 601-359-3770, and tell them to vote

"yes" on SB 3272, HB 193 and SB 3119.



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