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Title: Letter to MS Senate for Senate to support HB 193
Posted on: 02/26/2009

Subject: Medical Equipment being exempt for sales tax
Importance: High

Please support and vote for HB 193 as it passed the House 2/25/09 almost unanimously (only 3 nays) and is on its way to Senate Finance Committee, MAMES would ask that vote for in its current form so that Medical Equipment Suppliers have a full understanding of what is owed and what is not.  Right now it is very ambiguous.  We ask for a full exemption under the provisions of Medicare and Medicaid.  As it stands right now, we are forced to back out 7% from profits for the secondary 20% coinsurances when Medicare is primary payor.  We cannot charge the patient this 7% nor can we charge the secondary insurances the 7%.  The last several years we have suffered sales tax audits that are not consistent when compared with one medical equipment company to another and have proof of this.  MAMES (Mississippi Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers) has 55 active members from all across the state.  Our members all agree that we feel united in the fact that since this is being brought to your attention, that there is an opportunity for you to clarify so that the law is clear.  The rest of the nation (with the exception of about 10 states) have a full exemption with a licensed M.D.’s written prescription for medical items so Mississippi providers are held at a disadvantage to compete against out of state medical equipment providers.  Please allow wording in this bill that specifically clarifies the 20% coinsurances are fully exempt when Medicare is the primary payor.

Thank you, The Board of Directors for MAMES



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