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Title: H.R. 6331 PASSED!
Posted on: 07/10/2008
 Clarification on the Senate Cloture Vote on H.R. 6331
The cloture vote on H.R. 6331that passed today by 69-30 means that based on a ruling, the actual bill itself did pass (see story below). 
H.R. 6331, The Medicare "doc fix" includes:
o       Language to delay the competitive bidding program for 18 months
o       Repeal the title transfer of oxygen
Additionally, the “doc fix” does not include any language that would eliminate the first-month purchase option for power mobility devices.
The bill will now go to the President where he will have ten days to sign it into law.  If in the ten days he does not sign the bill, the bill will automatically go into law.  If, however, the President vetoes the bill, the Senate will have to vote to overturn the veto.  To overturn of the President’s veto the Senate will need 2/3 of the votes in favor of the bill, which was accomplished today with the 69 votes.   
According to Leavitt’s article that was published in the Wall Street Journal, “… ‘Delay’ means ‘kill’….”  
While this remains a possibility, keep up the efforts to maintain contact with your legislators.  Be sure to call your senators who voted in favor of H.R. 6331 and thank them for supporting the bill.  VGM will provide a list of how the senators voted as it becomes available.
Once again, VGM commends the industry for coming together and making the calls to Congress - proof once again that Grassroots efforts do work!


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