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MAMES - Mississippi Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers

Mississippi Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers


Event: MAMES Meeting
Start: 08/03/2010
End: 08/03/2010

 Now meeting at River Room Conference Center next to Lowe's on Lakeland Drive in Flowood, MS

Silver Fox Vendor Spotlight

Mark Loney, Cigna Government Services Update (handout given)

Sylvia King, gave update from last Jur C Council Meeting

Discussed HR 3790 Thank all Congressmen for signing on, now push to talk to Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker about supporting a Senate version of this bill.  Gave Washington's switchboard number to members.  Need for TV to take on story about Oxygen patient's not being able to get service when almost capped out from other providers that have gone out of business.  CMS cannot do anything about this, this must be corrected thru law so get beneficiaries to contact their Congressmen and Senators.  Discuss loss of jobs with Nat'l Competitive Bidding.

Informed members of increase in meals to 25.00 and to attend meeting as  non member went up from 75.00 to 150.00

 We discussed ralling support from all DME's to combat sales tax issues this coming year.

Next tenative meeting is October 19th, 2010

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